Friday, May 6, 2011

Westminster Wedding

So, did you watch the Royal Wedding? I didn't expect to, but it was rather hard to escape. And by the time it was on, I was excited for it. I didn't stay up, but I did record it. And though I haven't watched all of it yet (like the part at Buckingham), I've seen enough to see it was absolutely beautiful.

So by the time the Diva's challenge came around, to do a ZIA inspired by the royal wedding, I'd already been thinking of doing one.

It just took me all week because I found one pattern in Westminster that I obsessed over.

But, finally, it's done! :D

Done in micron pens on the usual cardstock, but this time I used an HB pencil to shade. Which, of course, didn't show up too well in the scan. Oops. There is shading there, really...

Tangles: Nightbridge, my new pattern Quirepine, a variation on Opus, sanibelle, sundoo, and chambray. Anything else was just pattern as it came, not a conscious use of anything named. (Though the lace around William's window is similar to 'lace')

And, the result of a week of failed attempts at deconstruction, persistence paid off. Here's my new pattern Quirepine, based on the white-on-blue pattern in the windows of the choir area. Or, as they spell it at Westminster, 'quire'. The largest motif reminded me of the pineapple, hence the name.


  1. Totally awesome. Great challenge entry and a wonderful pattern tute to boot! Thanks, Bev

  2. Love it!!! The background is really spectacular!

  3. hé, this is a nice tangle. Though we took the same inspiration our tangles became very different; I like you version very much.
    i like your entry for the challenge.Bride and groom are very recognizable.

  4. OOOh, love Quirepine. Your work was not in vain, way to deconstruct. I can hardly wait to try it. You certainly captured those wonderful Westminister windows.

  5. Beautiful! Your tangle is lovely, too. Thank you for sharing.

  6. A very regal drawing. Love all the ornate details.

  7. Love it!!! I scan everything using color settings even if its black and white that way the shading will show up.Just my 2 cents.