Friday, May 27, 2011

Patterns from a Plane

My recent trip to Carmel and Monterey (pictures here, if anyone's interested) was absolutely filled with patterns. My mom, who is just getting started in this, was helping me spot them, too. I've got several dozen in mind, but only have the first three done.

All three of these came about from the trip from Houston to San Jose, California. The first, "Countem", is based on a design I saw on a lady's bag in one airport. The second, "Skyview", could perhaps be seen as a variation on the already-existing pattern "Wired", but it's not meant to be. What it's meant to be is what I saw from the plane as we were flying over residential areas. The third, "Tred", is -- of all things -- based on the tred on a moving walkway in the Phoenix airport. Just goes to show you can find patterns in even the most mundane of things. :D

Enjoy! I'll post more as I get them worked out, of course.


  1. Love your Carmel/Monterey pics!! My best friend from high school lives right on Ocean Drive in Pacific Grove and I love to go visit her...what a magical place!!

  2. Definitely a magical place. Lucky friend :D