Saturday, April 28, 2012

Paper Folded Frames

In my last post, I mentioned paper folded frames I've been doing, and how I had tried to fit the zendala in to one.

The zendala may not have worked in a frame, but other patterns do.  Here are just a few of what I've been doing. They're made from scrapbook materials, and each completed frame is 3 inches square.

This was a collection of folded frames and boxes, before some of the frames were pieced into an accordion box.

And here's the finished box.

And another piece with my first try at calligraphy in a while.

Zendala Dare #2

Finally finished the second Zendala Dare from Bright Owl.

The finished piece is only 3 inches on a side.  I meant to try and put it in one of my paper-folded frames, but it didn't look quite right there.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter 2012

So, it took me a little bit after Easter not only to finish the piece but to get it scanned and posted. But this was done for Easter. :)

Tangles used were avreal, buttercup, h20 lilly, fescu, msst, tri-ledge, sternblumen, pollen, golven, coaster, ribbnz (a new one of mine, if none's taken the name...?), lis, sanibelle, steem, unyun, chartz, and flutter tile.

Zendala Dare #1

Yes, it's been a long while since I've posted anything, but I haven't been idle. ;) My interests tend to wax and wane, and they're coming back to ZT now.

There's a new challenge out there, the Zendala Dare . Here's my entry. Done in a combination of fineliner and tombows.