Monday, September 12, 2011

Pair-a-ducks or Paradox? Week 38

Well, I got just a little behind on the Diva challenges, so I'm just now getting last week's posted. It took me longer than I thought it would, thanks to my 'brilliant' idea of using multiple colors. I'm happy with the result, but I do admit that alternating between the blue and black microns got a bit tedious and I'm glad to be done with it. I still love doing paradox, but it'll be a while before I do multi-color again in this manner. :D

Drawn on bristol smooth, circle is about 5 inches diameter.

Color it in

The folks over at Letraset are running a coloring challenge, and I'm finally getting a chance to post my entry.

I printed their template out at about 4x6, and colored it using my Tombow markers with some Sakura glaze pens as a resist for some of the highlights.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kiss my (belated) Grids -- challenge 37

Thanks to my internet going down this last week, I wasn't able to get my grids entry posted in time for last week's challenge.  But, I see mine aren't the only late entries trickling in.  I guess someone made a labyrinth for their grid string and our entries are still trying to  figure out their way through it.

Okay, so it worked better in my head :p

I went with a more relaxed pace and feel to this one after having just finished the more mentally-intensive ZIA for Neil Burley's giveaway. (See my previous post).

It was drawn on the Rhodia dot-pad, using a random swirly strings to define the sections to fill in.  My attempts at randomizing which pieces would go where just didn't stick.  So this ended up being a semi-random draw of patterns that were placed where the results would at least not clash too horribly.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Perfectly Formed entry

Neil Burley over at Perfectly4med is running a contest for a ZIA he drew using all of his published patterns to date.

I finally have finished my entry. :)

Here's the completed piece:

And just for fun, two pictures of the piece as I was working on it.

This is where I laid out every single one of Neil's patterns so I could decided which ones worked best for the project I had in mind.

And here's the fully drawn piece without shading.