Monday, May 30, 2011

String Theory II -- Stripes

The Diva's challenge for week 24 is to use only stripes for a string. I may go back and do one that is stripes radiating from a central point like a sun, or stripes straight across, but you know me. I have to try to think within the guide but outside of the lines...

So, I thought, hey... Hollibaugh is a bunch of stripes. Sure, they overlap, but they're stripes. And I remembered where someone (unfortunately, don't remember *who* and can't find it again) had used Hollibaugh as their string. Perfect time to do that!

But that's not enough... I further decided I'd try to find only patterns that *used* stripes in order to fill the stripes of hollibaugh. And of course, hollibaugh can't be one of them.

This is what I ended up with:

It scanned larger than it actually is.

This one was done in my moleskine pocket journal, using the micron sigma graphic 1 pen for the fill and some of the lines, and micron sigma 01 and 02 for the rest of the lines. I also used my gellyroll white for a bit of the highlight and an HB pencil for shading. Patterns used were hollibaugh, what could be considered either btl joos minus the curlies or striping with shading, bitten, a variation on plaid, sugar cane, navajo border, braze, and vega


  1. Wow! This has such complexity and depth. Great work.

  2. Wow, ditto. Very powerful with lots of depth and shape. Dynamic piece!

  3. Brilliant string! I love it... and fab shading, too.

  4. Love it!!! Great perspective!

  5. Love the depth you have created by overlapping your tangles. Beautiful work!

  6. I love the darkness in this tile. It makes for a very striking piece. Beautiful!