Wednesday, May 25, 2011

String Theory

This week's challenge was for everyone to use the same string posted by the Diva. She let chance dictate her pattern choices, and I thought that sounded like a pretty good idea. But I have so many patterns between my pattern cards and print outs and books, I had to cut them down a bit more. So, I decided to limit them to tangles from Sandy Bartholomew's Alphatangle (great little reference book). I used a random number generator to dictate the page, and somewhat used it to decide the patterns from that page, though didn't keep entirely to that. So the selection wasn't *entirely* random. But at least it took my choices down from several hundred to four or five at most.

I left the list of tangles used on my scan.

Done with micron pigma in black and sepia, using an HB pencil to shade and just a little bit of white stabilo pencil for a little subtle highlighting. Unfortunately, it didn't show up in the scan, and the shading is once again better than it shows in the scan. I drew this in my small rhodia dotpad.

Vitruvius is a new one for me, and this is only the second or third time I've even tried hollibaugh or umble. I also tried my hand at letting the patterns play from one segment into the next. Didn't work as well as I've seen some that were done, but it's a start. :)

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