Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wedding Flowers

This ZIA was done for tangling friend who recently announced her marriage.

It's 3.5 x 3.5, drawn on bristol smooth using micron pigmas in sizes ranging from 005 to 02, with just a hint of shading with an HB pencil. I'd like to add more shading to it, but I am so bad with deciding where to shade...

Tangles include whiska, scrawlz, border one, barock, deflour, jacki, chugh, poke leaf, roseira, bleeding hearts, kalancho, rose (the one by MakeArtBeHappy), vigne, leilani, and several nameless wingdings.


  1. Very pretty! Elegant yet dainty yet full of life! One thought - If you can't decide where to shade, or where to add color, try putting a piece of tracing paper on top. Then you can experiment with pencil shading or colored pencils without changing the tile.

  2. Absolutely charming - I adore it!

  3. I love your tangle "Wedding Flowers" It is so sweet and airy, like the frame work of a good marriage. It is full of beautiful flowers, hearts, scrolls, and motifs, yet it has order and respect for

  4. I apologize I was suddenly called away before I finished.
    and respect for each part or partner giving it space to breathe and stand out, be noticed, to be an individual. I love your tangle.

  5. It's very dainty and lacey. Very pretty.
    Cheryl (Grandma Coco)