Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weekly Challenge 25

This week's challenge from the Diva is actually from a guest challenger, Geneviève. She gave us a mandala template to use to create a zendala.

Now, normally, I love doing zendalas. But for some reason, I had a hard time getting into this challenge. I'm going to try it again, but use better materials. I think part of my problem was that I traced the template onto a piece of cardstock.

Remember when all my tangles were done on cardstock?

Ever had a tangler tell you that once you try vellum, watercolor paper, etc, you'll never want to go back?


So, I'll have to give it another try, but this time on bristol or freehand the template into my moleskine, and this time keep it to either black and white or the "natural white" I guess you'd call the moleskine paper. And probably go with something more traditionally ZT instead of something with quite so much form.

As for the tangles, one is a seaweed type design that I saw somewhere in my collection. Another is Squid. There's ConchZen, and the rest are just freehand playing. Done on colored cardstock using a blue triplus fineline pen.


  1. I like this!! Of course, I'm a sucker for turtles. :) Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks, too, for the encouragement! It's appreciated.
    Cheryl (Grandma Coco)

  2. What a fun interpretation! I love your whimsical approach -- so imaginative.

  3. Cool idea to take a thematic approach, and I like the two-tone blue.
    (If your template is dark enough you can probably hold it up against a window with your good drawing paper in front, and trace it througl.)

  4. Thanks y'all. I like it a bit better today, but it does need shading. Margaret -- I actually have a light box that I use for tracing. I just want the challenge of drawing the template freehand, too :D

  5. This is coooool...
    I love it.