Friday, June 8, 2012

A trip means new tangle patterns!

Just got back from a trip to DC, and of course ever since discovering Zentangle, I look for patterns everywhere. This trip resulted in one set and one individual pattern that I don't think I've seen before. So, I present them to you :D First pattern is inspired by the lamps in the lobby of our hotel:

I call this one, TOG, for Triangles of Glass:

The second is a set, really. All of these come from a single architectural detail seen on one of the buildings in DC.

It took a while to find the correct architectural name for these things. It's called a spandrel. So I've named the pattern Spandrae.

In this set, each variation builds off of the one I've called -seed. "Seed" because it is the seed from which the rest grow. Spandrae Pearl is pretty obvious, just fill in the circles. For Spandrae Cavi, add three smaller circles at the four corners of each square. "Cavi" for "caviar" ;). Spandrae Trico puts triangles at the four corners, and Spandrae Trico Plus and Spandrae Fancy both build off of Spandrae Trico. Trico Plus adds triangles pointing inward (but not touching) the center circle. Spandrae fancy builds from there to put little curlies on the top and bottom triangles. Finally, Spandrae Wings goes back to start from Spandrae Seed and adds curling wings from the center circle. Enjoy! (And if you ever end up using one of my patterns, I would love to see what you do with it.)

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