Saturday, June 16, 2012

Envelobox Creator!

A short while back, I won a prize package through Kathy's Double K Krafts and Crafter's Companion. Specifically, it was the prize package of an Envelobox Creator, Boxer, their scoring and embossing styluses (stylusi? What is the plural of stylus...), and DVD (the last of which is still on back order).

I knew I liked the sound of the set just from the pictures and videos, but I like it even more once it came. The boards are very sturdy, and very easy to use. I also have the Martha Stewart scoring board, which I love as well. However, the envelobox creator I think is actually sturdier and easier to use with heavy cardstock. I get lost on which scoring groove I'm using on the Martha Stewart one on occasion -- not so on the envelobox creator. It is very well marked, and the grooves are just a little wider than on the Martha Stewart board. And having all the measurements already done for you? Very nice. Very, very nice.

I haven't actually used the boxer yet, but it feels just as sturdy as the envelobox creator.

The envelobox creator and the boxer are both intended to be used with the Ultimate Crafter's Companion, which I don't have. However, I found the boards fit rather well when nested on the Martha Stewart board. They'd probably be much better with the Companion.

Personally, I'm a detail person, and I like to make very fine lines. So I barely use the larger embossing stylus. So far, anyway.

I haven't done much embossing in years, but I decided to try it out again with the patterns that came on the envelobox. I really am impressed with how clear the designs come out even if you score over something that isn't part of the design. As in, if you miss the groove, no problem. The way these embossed designs are positioned, it doesn't show up on the front at all. And there's no need for a light box, either.

Now, I've had a specific project in mind for this thing from the moment I learned about it -- even before finding out I'd won the package.

Remember the embellished papercraft frames I've been doing for gifts?

Well, I need a safe way to mail them, and I just wasn't happy with any of the commercially found products. Mail in a plain box, sure. That I'm going to do. But the frames need to be protected before putting them in a standard mailing box.

It took me three tries of experimenting with the enveloboxer and the instructions (which, overall, are pretty good even without the DVD) to find the right combination and get the measurements right. It also helps when you actually read *all* of the instructions... little pro tip there. Skipping one in your excitement results in a failed box. ;)

But, I did finally get some enveloboxes made that are perfect for what I had in mind.

I can see I'm going to get a lot of fun out of these things, and I've only just begun.

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  1. Wow!! you did an awesome job!!! they are perfect.And I love the card, Beautiful!!If you send them in the mail, put 4 stamps on it. I am so proud of you!!! Kathy