Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This is my week for great prizes!!

I really don't win things that often, so to get two in one week has me wondering who moved my birthday. LOL!

First, I found out that I'm one of the winners for Jeanne Forsyth's yearly appreciation giveaway.  She does some beautiful watercolors inspired by her native Arizona's climate.  I happen to love the Southwest (though my experience is more in southern Colorado and in New Mexico), so I do appreciate her work. :D  New sketchbook (I love sketchbooks), new pen (I love pens), and a piece of art?  Yay!  (Or is it I get sketchbooks and the other winner gets the pens or vice versa?  Either way, I'm happy)

Then today, I got a notice from Kathy over at Double K Krafts that I should check her blog in a few minutes.

OMG, I won the Crafter's Companion Boxer and Envelope Creator bundle!!  With the paper folding I've gotten into, this is going to be perfect!

So thanks to these wonderful contests and incredibly generous bloggers and suppliers, I have new toys for home and out and about crafting!

I'll post pictures when the prizes come :D

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