Thursday, May 31, 2012

One prize came! Also: have you seen this pattern?

I got my first prize package, the one from Jeanne Forsyth! It consists of a Pelikano junior pen, a Stillman & Birn beta series sketchbook, and a lovely watercolor ATC. I haven't gotten to actually *use* either of these yet, but I am enjoying the feel of them. ;) The paper in the sketchbook is *really* good. Very heavy watercolor paper. I just have a problem now that I haven't thought of anything that I want to do on such nice paper. I'll probably end up doing a zendala or three. I can see how this would be a fantastic field journal. Good sturdy covers that will give a clipboard feel. The pen has a fountain head, but no mess of dealing with dipping ink. I haven't dared actually *use* it yet, because I'm going to a formal dinner on Monday and don't want to do so with ink stained hands. So, playing with it will have to wait until next week. ;) I just know I'm going to have a lot of fun playing with these new toys. Unrelated to the package, I did another pattern (taken from the background on something I saw on TV), and I want to see if anyone's done this or not. It's similar to the official pattern Assunta, but not quite the same. I could have sworn I've actually seen this before, but I haven't been able to find it. So, have you seen this pattern before? If not, let's name it! (And I'll get a better scan if this pattern isn't already out there)

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