Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kiss my (belated) Grids -- challenge 37

Thanks to my internet going down this last week, I wasn't able to get my grids entry posted in time for last week's challenge.  But, I see mine aren't the only late entries trickling in.  I guess someone made a labyrinth for their grid string and our entries are still trying to  figure out their way through it.

Okay, so it worked better in my head :p

I went with a more relaxed pace and feel to this one after having just finished the more mentally-intensive ZIA for Neil Burley's giveaway. (See my previous post).

It was drawn on the Rhodia dot-pad, using a random swirly strings to define the sections to fill in.  My attempts at randomizing which pieces would go where just didn't stick.  So this ended up being a semi-random draw of patterns that were placed where the results would at least not clash too horribly.

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