Monday, September 12, 2011

Color it in

The folks over at Letraset are running a coloring challenge, and I'm finally getting a chance to post my entry.

I printed their template out at about 4x6, and colored it using my Tombow markers with some Sakura glaze pens as a resist for some of the highlights.


  1. "...Sakura glaze pens as a resist for some of the highlights" ... !?!?! Never heard of a glaze pen. Do tell!

  2. Here you go, Margaret: I've used them as a highlight on some of my other ZIAs. They go on just slightly raised and are transparent. They dry quickly, and leave a shiny surface. After getting the Tombows, I learned about using a glue pen as a resist to make color variations, and thought about trying these. They work wonderfully. :)