Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Trying out the Tombows

After all the rave that Tombow markers have been getting, I decided to pick up a set off Amazon and try them out.

One set led to two. Then to a trip to Texas Art Supply, which we all know is DANGEROUS.

I'm now approaching 50 of the things, and am hooked on these markers. Even if I haven't been able to find the right ZIA to use them on yet...

I have, however, made a few color cards (for me and for mom... yes, I've gotten her hooked too) and some ATC backgrounds using various techniques. Most of these were done with the 'color on plastic, spritz with water, then press paper to color' method. The yellow-green and teal was done by coloring directly on the ATC then using a water brush to spread it.

The color pinwheel uses both tombows and watercolor pencils. It was colored on the paper then spritzed directly on the paper. I got things just a wee bit too dark on that one, and the water was too heavy. When I tried dabbing it with a paper towel, I ended up with a very pretty paper towel and next to no color on the outside. Attempts to fix have ended up with just more mess, but maybe it won't be so bad when I tangle on it...

Regardless of my adventures and misadventures, I really like these markers. I can definitely see why people rave about them.


  1. I've heard a lot about these lately too. Do we frequent the same blogs and Facebook folks??? I've never seen them here. Are they archival?

  2. Hi Margaret -- yes, I think we do. :D And I doubt they're archival. They are acid free, but they are also watercolor markers, and I don't tend to think of watercolors as being "archival".

  3. These are lovely Tammi. I really like the one you 'mucked up'. I thought you had done it deliberately.
    Tombows are great aren't they? I've had mine for about 7 years lol.
    Sydney, Australia

  4. Margaret -- I did some looking around and found this fantastic review of the Tombows. Non-archival, from their review.

  5. I love doing W/C backgrounds for my tangles, but it hadn't occurred to me to try what you have been doing with the tombows -acetate here I come :)