Monday, August 22, 2011

A bit of Tombow trials

I decided to give up on integrating the Tombows with tangling for a moment (not forever, no worries!) and do a bit that was nothing but the Tombows from the start. Well, and some black micron for a couple of lines, but I don't think that counts. ;)

Having seen one of Marie Browning's pieces on the Tombow blog, I homed in on some water droplets that she had in one corner of the piece and decided I wanted to try some water drops.

Here is the result. :)

This isn't what I would consider a completed piece, but some others apparently do. :D

This was done in my pocket-size watercolor moleskine. I used 3 shades for the most part, plus lamp black for some shading and a middle cool grey for the rest of shading. Most was colored directly on the paper (where I do wish I could eliminate the streaking... though it works on this particular one), but in some areas (like a few of the droplets) I did use the technique of coloring onto a plastic palette then picking up the color with the blender brush. I also used the blender brush to try and smooth away some of the harsh lines in the droplets.

I'm going to try another water drop piece a little later, incorporating what I learned on this one and some techniques I've been seeing online.

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