Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mooka this or Mooka that

Challenge 16 from the diva is to use the newly released zentangle pattern, Mooka. When I first saw mooka, I had the same reaction as some others I've seen. No way can I do that one! It's way too complex, especially as a single string! Instead, it flowed smoothly right away after seeing how it was done. It's easier than I expected. :D

This is the first challenge I've done more than two attempts for. I haven't finished my first two attempts yet, but I'll post them when I do. Both of those have a spring theme, but both are missing something.

My third attempt resulted in this one:

Let's see... drawn on cardstock, this time in a 3.5" square, using black pigma micron pens and using a 50% warm grey prismacolor pencil for shading. Tangles include mooka (obviously), fern, printemps, jetties, huggins, L, shattuck, striping, betweed, cadent, ahh, and kitties. The others, I don't know the names on. If anyone could help with identifying the others, that'd be great! The framing could be a variation on Opus. It's a case of seeing it somewhere else and liking it :D

Then I got some micron sepia pens and some Pitt pens in shades of grey, so of course I had to try them out. I saw the perfect opportunity to experiment with the white gel pen.

As usual, done on cardstock. This time a 4" square, and naturally the primary pattern is mooka. With a couple of simple spirals and curlies. I do wonder if anyone has any tips on decreasing the streaking that comes from filling in the larger areas like that...?

Finally, I got the hang of things. This one's my favorite:

Cardstock, 3.5" square, micron pigma pens, but add in the sepia tone and just a little use of a pitt grey for some of the shading and a dark umber prismacolor pencil for the rest of the shading. Patterns are squid, fescu, I guess that would be an inverted aura, mooka, ennies (filled with tipple), crescent moon, and I'm not sure what to call the pattern on the tips of the mooka buds.


  1. Hi Tammi
    love your 'mookas', fabulous detail !!
    chris richards

  2. Hey Tammi... you're nutty about Mooka too! I *love* all of these!! xxx

  3. Great variations on these! And thank you for adding your descriptions of the process and materials you use. It's always interesting to see what others are using and what works well.

  4. Wow! I love your Mookas! They have a lot of depth! Very Nice!!!

  5. Your last one is my favorite too! Beautiful!

  6. All three are really pretty but I particularly like the one with the gray "quilted" background.

  7. I love them! Especially the first one :-)