Thursday, April 7, 2011


My latest ZIA. I call it Floroborus, from flora (plant, obviously) and oroborus. Granted, a true oroborus is a snake or dragon or serpent eating its own tail, but this is a flower becoming its own stem, so it counts doesn't it? :D

Usual materials. Cardstock, micron pens (black and sepia, though the sepia doesn't show up that much on this piece) with shading done with the warm grey 50% prismacolor. Tangles used: my own design for the flower, loosely based on a wisteria; betweed; what I saw elsewhere being called "wud" (that's the wave / woodgrain pattern), sez, drupe, florez, and nipa

And an observation that surprised me. I used both a micron 005 and micron 01 pen for some of this (and an 03, but it doesn't play into this observation). The difference in size between the 005 and 01 is only .05 mm

Doesn't seem like much at all, yet I could tell a definite difference in how fine I could get the lines when doing the florez or some of the dots. Amazing how much difference .05 mm makes.