Thursday, July 5, 2012

Koi Pond

This past year (or more!), my mom had a koi pond put into her back yard. A month or so ago, she went out to feed them and discovered that she had more koi than she'd stocked the pond with. She was so excited to have baby koi, I knew I had to do a project with a koi for her. Really, I'd been planning something koi for a while, but hadn't come up with anything I liked until we found some koi stickers and I started quilling.

Then it came together.

Several weeks later (granted, I did work on other projects at the same time, and had to hide it from mom so it would be a surprise), I finished her koi pond. It's a little under 6 inches on a side.

I used parchment cardstock, some Martha Stewart punches, a sizzix die, Michael's recollections soft flowers (the type that come in glass bottles, and which may not be available any more...), koi stickers, flowersoft, and did some quilling.

I also used the envelobox creator to make an envelobox to store it in, and for safe transport from my house to mom's. Besides, the envelobox is a new toy, and you gotta play with new toys when you can. ;)


  1. Way cool artplay. I see the detail and feel the love

  2. This is awesome, I love it, and your quilling is wonderful!!